Top 3 Ways to Rekindle a Broken Relationship – What You Should Do to Get Your Ex Back

After the break up you are now dealing with painful emotions like sadness, depression, anger and self pity. You cannot accept the fact that the relationship has ended and you keep asking yourself what you should do to rekindle a broken relationship and get your ex back.

It can be a real challenge to rekindle a broken relationship but it is not impossible. If you find yourself lost and clueless on how to deal with the break up, the following tips will give you some direction on how to survive this painful experience and get your ex back.

Know the reasons why you want your ex back. Knowing the reasons why you want to rekindle a broken relationship is very important. Are you still in love with your ex or you just wanted to get back to your ex for dumping you? It is important to start a renewed relationship with the right reasons. Love should always be the reason in getting back with an ex.

Start with baby steps. Getting back with an ex is not something that will happen overnight. You cannot instantly rekindle a broken relationship by stalking or by begging your ex to comeback because those things will only push your ex away.The more you pursue your ex the more your ex will avoid you. Take small steps or baby steps and slowly win your ex back. Stop the communication with your ex for a while to give each other time to breathe and think. After a while, send a letter or a hello card just to keep in touch. Participate in a group gathering with your ex and common friends just to keep the connection. Once you both become at ease with each other again, then this is the time to start talking about the past and what went wrong with the relationship.

Stay on the course. It can be really frustrating to rekindle a broken relationship because things may not always happen the way you planned it. You have to be patient and focused if you want to achieve your goal. You cannot force your ex to get back to you instantly. Winning an ex back needs time and you need to be patient. Staying on the course despite of the difficulties will show that you are sincere and genuinely want your ex back.

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